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0001946SpeedFanFan controlpublic2014-10-10 03:03
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PlatformIntel C600/X79OSWindows OS Version7 Professional
Product Version4.45 
Summary0001946: Only one( CPU) fan detected on startup of Speedfan
DescriptionOn startup of Speedfan only the CPU fan is detected. Sys fan, Aux fan, Aux1 fan and Aux2 fan all register 0 rpm.

There are five fans connected on the motherboard: CPU1 (4 pin) connected to the radiator fan of a Corsair H70 cooling system. CPU2 (3 pin) connected to the pump of the Corsair cooling system. (Both CPU1 and CPU2 are configured as automatic in the bios.) Chassis fan 1 (4 pin) connected (Y connector)to two fans configured as manual in the bios. X79 chipset fan (not sure if 3 or 4 pin) configured as automatic in the bios.

On normal running of the PC both CPU fans and both chassis fans are rotating. The X79 fan is idle until chipset reaches 50 degrees which is rare.

Modifying the PWM1 value for the nuvoton nct6776f sensors in Advanced under Configure triggers the X79 fan which then registers a fan speed on the main page under Aux2.

I conclude (right or wrong) that the CPU and Aux2 fan speeds registered by Speedfan are for 3 pin CPU2 and X79 fans i.e. PWM fanspeeds are not registering in Speedfan.

CPU, Sys and Aux temperatures are registering correctly.
Steps To ReproduceStarting Speedfan without any modifications under Configure.
Additional InformationOccasionally Speedfan does register a Sys fan speed, but more often than not 0 rpm. This behaviour is intermittent.

Aida64 also only ever registers a CPU fan speed (although it might also register the X79 chipset fan if the X79 ever exceeded 50 degrees, which it has not so far).
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Motherboard ModelAsrock X79 Extreme4
Video Card ModelZotac GeForce GT 430



2012-03-07 10:51

manager   ~0006873

I think that your system cannot report fan speeds when fans are running too slow. For 3-wire fans this can be caused by the fan itself and can't be fixed.
The article explains why.


2012-03-09 05:03

reporter   ~0006877

Thanks for the response.

All fans are spinning at a rate that can be sensed by the ASRock eXtreme Tuner.

I think that the problem is one identified by the Aida64 software engineers: "The only thing that may cause such issue would be the proprietary fan muxing feature that ASRock uses on your motherboard (and a number of other motherboards as well). It effectively muxes the RPM measurement signals of the CPU fan1 and the CPU fan2 headers into the same fan register of the Nuvoton sensor chip. When another software (for example ASRock's own monitoring software called Extreme Tuner) alters the GPIO setting for the fan mux, then the sensor chip will reflect the fan RPM for the CPU fan2 header. I'm afraid we don't have a solution for such issues :( ASRock should simply stop using that weird GPIO fan muxing on their boards."

If I start the ASRock eXtreme Tuner then wait a little while and start up Speedfan then all of the fans - Sys CPU and AUX2 - register correctly.


2014-10-10 03:03

reporter   ~0007596

Last edited: 2014-10-10 23:39

Appears to be fixed in version 4.5. Thank you!

Edit: I spoke too soon. This version appears a little more tolerant of the Asrock sensor setup, but the issue persists from a cold boot.

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