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0001939SpeedFanOtherpublic2012-03-27 16:20
Reporterkumba Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS VersionServer 2008 R1
Product Version4.46 beta 
Summary0001939: Speedfan (possibly) not reading thermal info correctly. Or Intel has a bug.
DescriptionOkay, so I am working the kinks out of an Intel DX58SO that I recently acquired, and it seems that the thermal monitoring is a tad dyslexic. while figuring out how to wire in a Corsair H60 cooler, I noted that the BIOS thermal monitoring reported CPU temps between 33-42C. But when booted into Windows, SpeedFan said temps were really between 46-54C.

So I do some reading, and figure that I have the Corsair unit wired backwards, and the pump wasn't running fast enough. So I switch cables and disable fan throttling. The BIOS then states that thermal temps are 53-59C...which seemed really high. So I boot into Windows, and SpeedFan states that the temps are 38-44C, which seems more normal.

Of course, there are several caveats here:

- SpeedFan is reading Core0, no idea what the BIOS is reading.
- SpeedFan seems to not read the "CPU" thermal properly. Or Intel is not populating this value correctly (per another ticket here). It's possible the BIOS is showing me this value instead. To SpeedFan, this value reads -52C to -66C.

SpeedFan bug or possible BIOS bug? I am running as close to defaults as I can. I have an i7-960, but Intel has this board rigged to add a slight overclock that I can seem to get rid of. So although the chip is 3.2GHz, it's really running at 3.41GHz. Memory timings are set at default, and the voltages appear to be factory.
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Motherboard ModelIntel DX58SO
Video Card ModelATI/AMD Radeon HD 5750



2012-02-14 09:40

manager   ~0006833

I have the same motherboard and everything works fine. If you contact me by email I will send you the latest beta that includes fine tuning for this board.


2012-03-22 01:21

reporter   ~0006905

I have read that when you're just in the BIOS, not all lower power states for the processor are used, so the temps can be higher in the BIOS. They'll lower when the OS is booted and puts the processor into lower power states.


2012-03-26 06:36

reporter   ~0006908

Just tried 4.4.6 beta6 and I am still getting a negative reading on the label for "CPU". I'll attach a screenshot of the config dialog showing this.


2012-03-26 06:36


speedfan-negative-cpu.png (36,771 bytes)   
speedfan-negative-cpu.png (36,771 bytes)   


2012-03-27 16:20

manager   ~0006914

Please, use any of the four INTEL CORE readings. The CPU sensor of the aSC7621 is not useful (or Intel didn't use it).

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