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0001930SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-11-15 07:05
Reporterbigbadboogie Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOSWin 7OS Versionx64 Pro
Product Version4.45 
Summary0001930: Fan control changes back to Smart Fan IV even though I choose "manual" and tick "remember it"
DescriptionI have installed Fan speed 4.45 and Asus AI suite including fan control.
After having the issue below I uninstalled the fan control part of AI suite since I though it might interact and regain control over fan speed, but that did not help.

Even after uninstalling AI suite fan control the following happens when the OS starts:
- Desktop shows
- Fans slow down for 1 sec when fan speed starts
- Fans then ramp up again to full.
- If I then look in configure-advanced-chip and select my "nuvotonNCT 6776F at $290 on ISA" the PMV-mode has changed back from manual to SmartFan IV but only for header 1,2...not 3 (probably since this is not able to control?)
- I set all 3 PMV modes to "manual", tick "remember it" for all 3, press ok
- then they can be controlled again.
- When I reboot I loose control again.
Same thing happens over and over.
Steps To Reproduce- Desktop shows
- Fans slow down for 1 sec when fan speed starts
- Fans then ramp up again to full.
- Go to configure-advanced-chip
- select "nuvotonNCT 6776F at $290 on ISA"
- Set all 3 PMV modes to "manual", tick "remember it" for all 3, press ok
(then they can be controlled again.)
- I reboot (speedfan loose control again as in first point).
Additional InformationAlso I can not control the CPU-fan and CPU-fan optional (speed 2 and speed 3) when using 3-wire fans.
That should work shouldn't it?
Ie only "speed 1" can be controlled but with above issues.

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Motherboard ModelAsus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
Video Card ModelGigabyte Geforce GTX 560 SO HDMI DisplayPort Dual-DVI 1GB



2012-01-23 19:33


PMV123 before reboot.jpg (80,779 bytes)   
PMV123 before reboot.jpg (80,779 bytes)   


2012-01-23 19:33


PMV123 after reboot.jpg (82,209 bytes)   
PMV123 after reboot.jpg (82,209 bytes)   


2012-01-23 19:34


CPU temp_aux_smiovt456.jpg (73,328 bytes)   
CPU temp_aux_smiovt456.jpg (73,328 bytes)   


2012-01-23 19:38

reporter   ~0006806

Two more things:
1) CPU sensor temp shows strange values like -60 degrees C - see uploaded picture
2) What temps are "aux temp" & "smiovt4" "smiovt5" "smivot6" ? - see picture


2012-01-23 20:49

manager   ~0006807

Do you think that some other program is changing PWM MODE?
Usually you must use the correct type of fan to be able to change it, because some circuitry is needed on the motherboard to fully exploit NCT6776 features.


2012-01-24 00:42

reporter   ~0006812

IT is totally new install of Win7 so only installe dprograms besides speedfan is Asus AI suite, Samsung SSD magaician (HD software for SSD), Northon Ghost, Intel Control centre and Graphic drivers for Nvidia card.

Correct type of fan meaning a 4-pin PMW?
I have had a bunch of asus boards before and been able to control 3-pin PMV's.
If they have went to a worse controller then it really sucks.
I bought the tower chassis (Silverstone fortress 2) to build a quiet PC and I there are no 4-pin PMV fans available that fits (it is 3*180mm fans working up a static pressure...only fan being 120mm is eahaust).

My PC profile is here
i7 all standard no OC but the plan is to do some as long as it doesnt rev up.

Right now even my old overclocked Antec sonata with some major custom mods is quieter :( (changed cutouts for intake/exhaust, homemade air channeling to work with only 2*120mm fans and a passive CPU + GPU cooler)


2012-01-24 00:58

reporter   ~0006813

If i shut down speed fan and restart it, the fan speed control works, so my guess is that some software regains control...most likely the Asus AI suite but since i uninstalled everything that has to do with monitoring io and controlling fans it should theoretically be gone.

I guess the next step is to remove entire Asus suite or reinstall win 7 :-/


2012-02-01 00:03

reporter   ~0006820

1. uninstalled Asus AI SUITE totally (USB3 boost, asus update...everything).
   Speedfan now keeps control of the fan speeds.
Allthough it does not tell me which component in AI Suite that regained control I know where the culprit resides = NOT speedfan ;-)
It would be excellent if you could add an option "delay speedfan control at startup with xxx seconds". In that case I could keep AI suite, delay the startup of speedfan with ie 10sec and keep the fan control.
As I said before, if i restarted speedfan it regained control and kept it so its basically a launch order issue...last component to launch gains control.
I could do a BAT script but....hey DOS days are over right ;)

2. CPU sensor still showing strange temp (-60 deg c)

3. Again - what temps are "aux temp" & "smiovt4" "smiovt5" "smivot6" ? - see picture above

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