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0001927SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-03-15 15:47
ReporterEmmanuelF Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.45 
Summary0001927: Having difficult time configuring Speed Fan
DescriptionMy name is Emmanuel and we are trying to configure the program into our computer to stop the annoying noise coming from one fan. I have read all the steps to follow. I want to send you my screens of Speed Fan info but the forum only allows one file to be uploaded at one time, therefore you can't see all the data at once from all the screens. Is there not a way to send more than one picture to you? To start could you take a look at the Temperature screen first and go from there? Thanks for all your help.
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Motherboard ModelBiostar P4M900-M4 / Phoenix Awards
Video Card Model



2012-01-13 23:31


Speed Fan Temperatures.JPG (44,217 bytes)   
Speed Fan Temperatures.JPG (44,217 bytes)   


2012-01-14 00:05

manager   ~0006777

The first thing to know is if you can change fan speeds. Enter CONFIGURE / ADVANCED and follow the steps outlined in the help file about that section. Then I suggest you to read


2012-03-13 20:35

reporter   ~0006878

Hi Alfredo, i follow the steps and could not gain control over the fans. We ended up buying a hardware fan control named Fan Mate 2 and works well, we carefully managed to find the slowest point in the fan control that would allow us to go with out turning the RPM to zero (about 2500rpm) and the noise is gone.
I just wanted to give an update and thank you for your time and your program.


2012-03-15 10:41

manager   ~0006886

Are you sure that your motherboard can control fan speeds?
SpeedFan can only enable hidden/unused features, but it can't add missing circuitry.
If your motherboard can do that, please make sure that you are using the correct (4-wire, 3-wire) fan on the correct fan header.


2012-03-15 15:47

reporter   ~0006888

Ok. No, it is clear at this point that the motherboard can't control fan speed.

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