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0001913SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-07-09 11:09
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Summary0001913: Asus M5A87 No Fan Control
DescriptionMy problems are similar to Report ID 0001764 which shows a resolved status.

I have a new Asus M5A87 MB. Prior Asus board (M3A78-T) worked great with SpeedFan. This MB however will not control the speed of fans.

Chips detected are Nuvoton NCT6776F on ISA $290. Also displayed are readings from ATK0110. I have tried both conventional control of fans & Advanced Fan Control. I have varied the chip to be used for detection, threshold, etc. Have also set under Advanced for the Novoton chip "Manual" setting for "PWM Mode 1-3". Other detected chips including "ATK0110" & "SB7xx/8xx" do not have any such dropdown menu.

Fans run at full throttle (1300RPM) or so despite all interventions. Once Novoton chip set as target & temps inputted, SpeedFan will actually adjust their % speed but no effect on fan speed occurs. RPM stays the same.

Disabled & uninstalled Asus QFan to no avail.

I am using 3 Scythe fans with 3 pin connections. On MB, only the CPU fan header is 4 pin (& presumably PWM). Other headers are 3 pin. Last Asus board was also 3 pin headers and I'm using the same fans. SpeedFan seemed to have no problem controlling them on the old system. Likely a temp chip issue but I am out of further ideas.
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Motherboard ModelAsus M5A87
Video Card ModelSapphire HD 5830



2011-12-04 10:51

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You should use a 4-wire fan in the 4-wire connector.


2012-07-09 11:09

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It's not directly related to it but might help.
I'm on an older M3A78Pro 780G.

Am right now using a 2-pin 120mm on the CPU 4-pin header and same model of fan on a 2nd 3-pin header. Note that in the asus manual it clearly states that only these two headers (but not the third) will be controllable through the Q-Fan 2 feature these mainboards have, which is basically an integrated PWM. When listing my options, under Speeds I have Pwm1-3 with SB7xx/8xx PM2 ISA designations, and another Pwm1-5 IT8712F-J ISA designated ones. Both of the mentioned headers can be controlled but only through Pwm2 IT8712F-J (7th interface) and the rest have absolutely no effect.

That interface is the only one that can control fans and is related to the Q-Fan 2 feature, which I've enabled in BIOS only (not the Windows software), and can control 2-pin fans, 3-pin fans (with the speed sensor), as well as the standard 4-pin fans with own PWM.

On another note CPUID's HWMonitor works the same, only one of the listed interfaces for the sensor is actually changing speeds, the rest have no effect.

BTW, Advanced fan control works by selecting that working interface and coupling with the right thermal sensor.

I hope some Asus owners might find it easier now to find and use SpeedFan fully.

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