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0001911SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-12-03 09:02
ReporterDarren Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformTyan S8812OSWindows 7 x64 UltimateOS Version7 SP1
Product Version4.45 
Summary0001911: Winbond W83795G not showing up.
DescriptionDoesn't find main W83795G h/w monitoring chip.
SFv4.39 mentions support for this chip.
SF does find the W83627DHG chip though.
Steps To ReproduceRunning SF. Chip doesn't appear in Readings/startup info.
Additional InformationOn this motherboard the W83795G hangs off the SMBus from the SP5100 southbridge, while the W83627DHG-P hangs off the LPC bus.
Scanning the SMBus within SF, it reports possible device ids at $5x, etc.

It would be great to get SF working on this system because the fans are currently running way too fast and the noise is driving me crazy! :)
Let me know if you require more info. Thanks again for a great App.
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Motherboard ModelTyan S8812
Video Card Model



2011-12-03 09:02

manager   ~0006717

Please, either upload here or send me a SEND REPORT. Include the issue number when sending it.
Let me know when done.

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