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0001910SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-12-03 08:43
Reporteriggman88 Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWin 7 HomeP 64-bit 
Summary0001910: super slow & super fast start?
DescriptionI always figured 28-36 sec startup for speedfan was normal, but then the other day I was fixing my aunts machine, (it had a HDD error, which btw the HDD manufacture diagtool reported as unknown error, but speedfan said plain as day Reallocated Sectors Count exceeded. so props to that :D ) So anyway I had loaded speedfan on her machine and to my shock and surprise it loaded up and was ready to go in 4sec flat.. Which sadly my machine blows hers out of the water in terms of raw speed lol.

My meager 28-36 sec is with scsis, smart/advsmart scans disabled. O_o Do I got something going on with my machine? What is a normal startup time for speed fan?
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Motherboard ModelFoxconn Destroyer
Video Card Model



2011-11-29 15:23


debug.nfo (102,240 bytes)


2011-12-03 08:26

manager   ~0006713

Hello. I am preparing a beta specific for your hardware.
Please, contact me by email (alfredo [at]


2011-12-03 08:43

manager   ~0006714

The beta is ready.

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