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0001876SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-09-25 23:44
Reporterabsbeginner Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Platformx86OSWindows XPOS VersionNT 5.1
Product Version4.44 
Summary0001876: Speedfan hangs at startup
DescriptionWhen launched in a firewall protected environment Speedfan hangs for 15 seconds trying to contact website.

Log in the debug.nfo file shows the following lines:

25/09/2011 - Checking signatures...
25/09/2011 - FILE <C:\Program Files\SpeedFan\speedfan.exe> IS TRUSTED
25/09/2011 - End of signature checking.
25/09/2011 - SpeedFan executable is properly signed

During this time Speedfan doesn't respond to user input and the program appears to be frozen showing just a blank window.
It seems to be impossibile to disable signature verification from program options.
Steps To Reproduce1)Block all outgoing traffic from the firewall;
2)Launch Speedfan
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Motherboard ModelLegend QDI PLATINIX-2
Video Card ModelNvidia Riva Tnt2 Agp



2011-09-25 23:44

manager   ~0006478

I am exploring signature verification using the standard Windows API for this task. I will check to see if there is a way to avoid external access to the internet. Actually, I didn't know Windows would have done that. I think it does so looking for revocated certificates.

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