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0001872SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-09-25 19:18
Reporterleo11173 Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformP6T-SEOSWin 7 x 64OS VersionWin 7 x 64 pro
Product Version4.45 beta 
Summary0001872: No CPU Fan Control on Asus P6T-se if using a 3 pin fan in the 4 pin connector
DescriptionQuote from issue 0001530 as the problem is the same (difference is the motherboard) :

"I thought that if I added my MB to the heading I might get a response, that is why I have posted this again.

Has anyone been able to get Speedfan to control a 3 pin CPU fan connected to the P6T Deluxe v2 CPU_Fan 4 pin connector? Speedfan will not change the speed, but I think it maybe because my CPU fan is 3 pin and the connector is four pin.

Speedfan will change the speed on the 3 pin chassis fans connected to the P6T Deluxe v3 Cha_Fan1, Cha_Fan2 and Cha_Fan3 connectors, but these connectors are three pin."

This is the same issue as the one reported on P6T Deluxe v2 mb.
Steps To ReproduceNo control period, always reproducable
Additional InformationMy cpu fan is a 3 pin fan. Cpu mb fan emplacement is 4 pin.
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Motherboard ModelAsus P6T-SE
Video Card Modelsaphire HD5870


related to 0001875 resolvedalfredo Can't control 3 pin cpu fan 



2011-09-24 10:38

manager   ~0006465

I think that the solution will be to use the correct type of fan: 4 pin one.


2011-09-24 21:28

reporter   ~0006472

I think the issue would be the same with a pwm fan. Anyway, i ll let you know next time i open that case (maybe in 1 week or 2 cuz i got alot of work the next 14 day), i ll give it a try with a 4 pin then report status here.


2011-09-25 09:52

manager   ~0006473

Remember to enter CONFIGURE / ADVANCED and set PWM MODE to MANUAL, SOFTWARE CONTROLLED or something like that, because the BIOS might have set that option to a value that doesn't allow fan speed changing.


2011-09-25 17:59

reporter   ~0006475

Back to the report ;).

So i tested using a pwm fan. That will allow speedfan to vary the speed of that fan.

What you said "I think that the solution will be to use the correct type of fan: 4 pin one" is correct.
Otherwise, on the advanced chip panel, there is an option named pwm "x" type.

It can takes 2 vallues : PWM output / DC Output

Setting it on DC Output should allow a 3 pin cpu fan to be controled via speedfan if i understand correctly. But infact, while setting to DC Output, the fan will just go fullspeed and the program wont allow to change his speed. Is it a bug ?


2011-09-25 18:11

manager   ~0006476

Unfortunately, those options need specific hardware support. Changing the bits in the hardware monitor chip is only the first step. The availability of the correct external circuitry makes the rest.
I think that Intel boards have a circuitry that makes both types of fans work. This is not the case of Asus boards.


2011-09-25 19:04

reporter   ~0006477

Thanks for the explanations.
I think we can set that issue as fixed then.

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