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0001867SpeedFanFan controlpublic2012-03-27 16:09
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows VistaOS VersionSP1
Product Version4.45 beta 
Summary0001867: Using ATI Card temp forces fan control?
DescriptionGreat work on adding ATI cards to speed fan. Small issue though...

I have speedfan set to put fans under it's control to 100% when exiting.

With this new version it even sets my GPU fan get set to 100% when exiting, even though I have unticked the GPU fan in both the 'speed' and 'fan' section. I have looked in the 'advanced' configuration section and see no option that stops speedfan from taking control of the fan. The obvious solution is to turn off the 'set to 100% on exit' option, for the moment, which I have done.

The problem is though that I don't want speedfan to automatically take over control of my GPU's fan. All I want is for speedfan to be aware of the temp of the GPU so it can be used as a variable to change the speed of things like chassi fans. I am quite happy with the fan control done by the GPU on it's own and don't want speedfan interfering.

Is there a way of stopping this new version of speedfan that is aware of ATI cards from having control of the ATI GPU's Fan?

My biggest concern with this behaviour, is that if speedfan sends any fan control instructions to the GPU fan, the normal GPU fan control behaviour stops until the PC is rebooted. This leaves the GPU fan locked at just one speed no matter the temperature. I would rather speedfan be prevented, unless desired, from being able to interfere with the normal GPU fan control algorithm. I worry that an accidental command could be sent by speedfan and that the fan would become locked with out me noticing....
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Motherboard ModelASUS P7P55D
Video Card ModelAMD Radeon 5670



2011-09-05 17:25

reporter   ~0006450

English Fail....

"With this new version it even sets my GPU fan get set to 100% when exiting,"

should have read:

"With this new version even my GPU fan gets set to 100% when exiting,"


2011-09-24 09:23

manager   ~0006461

The "set fans to 100% when exiting" is doing his job by applying that statement to the ATI fan too.
Your suggestion not to apply fan changes to SPEEDS that were unticked is interesting. Consider that the "set to 100%" option was originally intended as a mean to avoid that a user could accidentally stop fans and forget it.
I think I will stop SpeedFan from setting SPEEDS to 100% if unticked in configure.
About the safety of having SpeedFan change ATI fan speeds, consider that the ATI driver wil automatically speed the fan up if temperatures get too high and will revert back to the originally set speed when temperatures will allow again. So, there is no security risk. Obviouly there might be a "sanity" risk for having the video card fan running at full speed until reboot :-)


2011-10-01 12:08

reporter   ~0006483

I don't think my issue is being communicated well. So let me try again. The 100% fan is a symptom of my issue with the ATI fan control. I don't want Speedfan having any control over my video card fan. I just want Speedfan to be able to read the temperature of the card so other fans can be adjusted accordingly.

This is completely possible to do and happens with my motherboard. In the advanced options for the IT8718F controller for my motherboard, I can select between 'software controlled' (speedfan controls fan speed) or 'smart guardian' (motherboard controller sets fan speed to it's on algorithm). So I can have my chassi fans controlled by speedfan and my CPU fan controlled by the motherboard algorithm. This also means the CPU fan is not changed by the 100% on exit option, as far as my testing shows.

The same should be possible with the ATI card where in the advanced options you can pick whether ATI card controller or speedfan is controlling the fan. The reason this is so important to the ATI card is that the onboard GPU fan algorithm stops working on the first fan control messaged it gets from speedfan, it then no longer makes changes. So if a spurious message is sent to the card from speedfan it would become stuck at that fan speed until rebooted, with the risk of overheating. Hence why I want to make sure that speedfan has the option, consistent with motherboard fan control, telling it that it has no control over this certain fan.

I have no idea whether this was just an option in the advanced options area that was omitted or whether it is a new feature that would need to added and hence there is no rush as I know you have other priorities of things to fix. I just wanted to highlight the issue of how the ATI card controller is being treated vs what you can do with motherboard controllers.


2011-10-02 17:59

reporter   ~0006484

"About the safety of having SpeedFan change ATI fan speeds, consider that the ATI driver wil automatically speed the fan up if temperatures get too high and will revert back to the originally set speed when temperatures will allow again."

Don't know if I made this clear above, but with my ATI card this does not happen. If any messages are sent to the controller by speedfan, the GPU controller stop trying to controll the fan until the next reboot. Hence my concern about any erroneous message being sent.


2011-11-14 14:35

reporter   ~0006701

Last edited: 2011-11-14 14:36

I'm bumping up this issue because there seems to be additional annoyance in it.

I installed Speedfan 4.45 final on my newly build PC (AsRock Z68 + i5-2500K, Sapphire Radeon 6870, Win 7 Ultimate 64).

After the first time manually adjusting GPU fan speed via Speedfan (but not the first time Speedfan was running) the GPU fan started to accelerate to 50% (1900 rpm) every time a user with admin rights logged on, also after reboot. This went on even after uninstalling Speedfan and reboot! So the GPU fan settings were stored permanently somewhere. Uninstall and reinstall of Catalyst drivers did not help either but I was finally able to return fan control to automatic with MSI Afterburner.

This last experience suggests that Speedfan should explicitly set the driver-level GPU fan control to automatic at exit or if GPU fan is unticked in configure/speeds tab.


2012-03-27 15:21

reporter   ~0006910

Last edited: 2012-03-27 15:22

With 4.46 the GPU fan still gets set to 100% at exit, but soon after the ATI control takes over again (according to the display in the catalyst control centre). So better than it was before, so thanks for that. Would still prefer that speedfan has no power to change the fan speed on the GPU unless the fan for the GPU is ticked in the fan selection configuration screen.

As I said before I don't want to disable speedfan seeing that card as I want speedfan to be able to see the cards temperature as I then link that temp to my chassi fan control. I just don't want speedfan to have any control over the fan unless the fan is ticked for speedfan to control.

But again thanks for the progress and your continued hardwork. Love this program.


2012-03-27 16:09

manager   ~0006911

Did you disable "Set fans to 100% on program exit" in CONFIGURE / OPTIONS?

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