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0001865SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-10-13 11:40
Reporterdwdallam Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWin7 x64 
Summary0001865: After Sleep, SF fails to increase fan speed with temperatures.
DescriptionAfter resuming from sleep today, SF allowed the fans to run at their minimum setting and failed to increase fan speed with rises in CPU temperature.

I don't know if these two could be related, but please see my other ticket so you know how SF was started and how it was running initially: 0001861

I am using the advanced and traditional fan speed together. I have since stopped using the traditional fan speed control, and now only use the new fan speed control.

Steps To ReproduceI have not tried to reproduce this. If you like, I can do it using only the new fan speed controller.
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Motherboard ModelGigabyte x58 UD5 rev2
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related to 0001861 resolvedalfredo Starts with Windows, but no task bar icon. 



2011-08-26 05:42

reporter   ~0006412

Last edited: 2011-08-26 05:42


After disabling SpeedFan Start with Windows in Task Manager, and starting Speedfan manually after Win7 has loaded, Speedfan DOES continue to adjust fan speed after resume from sleep. This problem must then be related to ticket 0001861.

Thank Alfredo.


2011-09-06 02:26

reporter   ~0006452

Last edited: 2011-09-06 02:35

As explained in my other ticket, I got SF to start with Win7 and display it's task icon and processes and services entries after changing a setting in the Task Scheduler. (See: 0001861)

However, on resume from sleep, the taskbar icon, processes, and services entries disappear. SF will not adjust fan speed, as explained above.


2011-09-24 09:29

manager   ~0006464

I need to install Win 7 and try to reproduce this issue.
In the meantime, consider that Classic Fan Control and Advanced Fan Control are mutually exclusive. If you enable Advanced Fan Control, that will be the only one that SpeedFan will apply.


2011-10-12 10:58

reporter   ~0006553

I'm also using Task Scheduler to start SF on Win 7 64-bit, and everything works fine when resuming from sleep - taskbar icon, fan control, they all work normally.

There are lots of options in the Conditions and Settings tabs in Task Scheduler, maybe one of those causes the problem in your case? I remember I changed quite a few entries in there, as most of them did things I didn't want.


2011-10-12 11:29

reporter   ~0006555

Last edited: 2011-10-12 11:31

Mikutoc: One way to find out. Give me your settings and I'll duplicate them.

Alfredo: I only use Advanced, and classic is not even enabled.

I'll try to schedule it again and we'll see what happens.


2011-10-12 12:17



2011-10-12 12:18



2011-10-12 12:18



2011-10-12 12:18



2011-10-12 12:18



2011-10-12 12:19

reporter   ~0006561

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I've added screenshots for all the settings that I think are relevant.

(I've seen in the screenshots you attached to the other issue that you already have 'Run with highest privileges' checked on the first configuration tab, which is also essential.)


2011-10-13 05:21

reporter   ~0006562

Last edited: 2011-10-13 05:24

It's working now, but I had to use some different settings from Mikutoc.

Almost everything was the same, with these exceptions:

1) Actions did not have "" around the path, which I put in manually.

2) "Triggers" was set to "At startup" on my end, and was changed to "At log on" as per Mikutoc.

3) General: My setting was "Run whether the user is logged on or not. Changed to "Run only when the user is logged on." This needed to be changed or the icons don't show up in task manager nor taskbar.

4) General: Mine was "Configure for: Win 7." Changed to "Win Vista."

Tested and resolved, but only using these exact settings.


2011-10-13 09:17

reporter   ~0006563

Glad it worked.

To be honest, I'm not sure which of these settings was the culprit. At first glance, (4) would seem the most likely, but it works on my side with 'Win 7'.

There's some interaction between (2) and (3), obviously; maybe that was creating some strange state in there. Logically, if you have 'Run only when the user is logged on', this should override the 'At startup' trigger until you're actually logged in, so it shouldn't have made much of a difference. Who knows...


2011-10-13 09:28

reporter   ~0006564

Well isn't the fact that it needs to be set up a specific way before it works indicate there is at least some problem with its implementation?


2011-10-13 09:33

manager   ~0006566

I assume you referring to the task scheduler implementation :-)
SpeedFan works fine. The options of the task scheduler are there because setting them differently causes different results. I don't think this can be considered a fault on SpeedFan's side. But I am open to fix any.
Anyway, so far it seems that mikutoc intervention fixed the issue.
Thank you.


2011-10-13 10:48

reporter   ~0006567

What I'm saying is that should SF ever have missing icons, not have entries in task manager while running, or fail to increase fan speed after resume from sleep, due to Task Schedulers settings?


2011-10-13 10:59

manager   ~0006568

I am sorry, dwdallam, but I really can't understand your sentence/question :-(


2011-10-13 11:15

reporter   ~0006571

I see the problem. That was a hard sentence. Sorry. How can I state this? Speed Fan seems like it needs very specific parameters set in Task Scheduler in order to run correctly, while other programs do not.


2011-10-13 11:24

manager   ~0006572

Now I got it :-) Unfortunately, Windows adds new "features" with every new release and some of them are hard to circumvent. I am refactoring SpeedFan to make it fully client/server, but it's not an easy task because I have to keep on working on the mainstream.


2011-10-13 11:27

reporter   ~0006573

Yeah I know :( It seems like developers spend more time trying to make things work under Windows than they do developing the project itself. ANyway, I now how to make it work now and it works great, especially the new fan control section.


2011-10-13 11:40

manager   ~0006574

Great. I am closing this issue now :-)

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