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0001863SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-09-30 22:55
ReporterXPSgamer Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformx64OSWindows 7OS VersionProfessional
Product Version4.44 
Summary0001863: Can't activate DELL Support, no fans shown on XPS 15 L502X
DescriptionThe thing is I that I enable DELL support, close the program, open it again and there it is disabled again. I can't control ['cause I can't see any] any fan, just see the temperatures of CPU, GPU, HDD, ACPI temp 1 and 2. And when gaming I would like to set the fans to 70-100% to cool down a lot the system, don't care about noise really (I'm used to it when playing on my desktop PC -not noisy, but audible at times), 'cause even now that it heats at a much slower rate than before it feels each time hotter and hotter at the left of the trackpad.
Steps To ReproduceBecause is the first laptop I own I didn't know much about cooling and gaming, compared to desktop. So after a while searching I found Speedfan, installed it, and even when it didn't detect any fan, I turned off "automatic cooling" and the fans started to work a bit dinamically, never at 100%, but harder when needed and off when cool. So I tryed again Crysis 2 in the exact scenario, played half an hour online without crashing, FPS went down a bit after, but not critical, having a better constant air-flow than before. I know the fans aren't at 100% 'cause when I ran diagnostics from BIOS the fans went almost to almost 100% and is a huge difference on loudness.
Additional InformationBefore I installed Speedfan I updated my NVIDIA drivers from the default v268 to v280 because v268 had very poor performance (either low FPS on games with med settings or applications crashing when switching between IGP and GPU) but then after updating, I got very good performance on games and no problems on switching. The problem was that the new driver wouldn't control the fans and leave them at the same constant rate (not turning off, lowering RPM or elevating RPM), it caused the GPU to heat until crash in less than 5 minutes: Crysis 2 online, very high settings, 1366x768, no motion blur, dx11 and hi-res textures enabled; first in a term of about 3 minutes the FPS began dropping to almost 5 FPS, then the audio would begin to stutter until it would be gone (no audio), a second later image frozing and system not responding, extremely hot air coming out of the laptop.

Tryed NVIDIA system tools and NVIDIA Inspector before Speedfan to try to control the GPU, but I can't either set automatic or manual cooling myself [options shown gray-colored, unclickable].

I played Assassin's Creed 2 for a bit more than an hour without problems (just feeling hot at the left of the trackpad as I said before after about 30 minutes) and stopped playing 'cause I had to leave. Not having time this weekend to play. But I'll see later how much it holds.

System Specs: Core i7 2630QM @2.00GHz, 4GB of DDR3 1333MHz, Optimus enabled
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Motherboard ModelDell 0NJT03 Rev A06
Video Card ModelGeForce GT 540M 2GB



2011-08-21 04:33

reporter   ~0006397

I've tryed enabling also "Set fans on 100% on program exit" with no change.


2011-08-21 10:40

manager   ~0006398

I will work on nVidia support next week.
About DELL support on your hardware, I have a beta for you to try. Please, send me an email.


2011-08-24 14:41

reporter   ~0006404

Is your e-amil Or any other in particular?


2011-08-24 16:22

manager   ~0006405

It's alfredo [at]


2011-08-31 06:21

reporter   ~0006438

Hi Alfredo, just wanted to know if you received my mail last week. I still get the problem that after about 20-30 minutes PC crashes because of overheating and when I inmediately run diagnostics from BIOS fans go about 3 or 4 times the usual RPM, is a huge difference in loudness; I would like to try a beta to see if anything gets better.


2011-08-31 12:30

manager   ~0006439

Please, send me a SEND REPORT using SpeedFan 4.45 beta 2. In the notes to the report include this issue ID.


2011-09-30 22:55

reporter   ~0006482

Hi alfredo, I just wanted to check if you received the report I sent last week through the BETA program as you recommended, and if you need any further additional info. I can successfully enable DELL support on BETA and detect the system fan, but I can't control it from the program. I checked the notebook from the inside and indeed it has only one fan (to cool both CPU and GPU), I guess the max fan power the system enables during stress is about 50-60% which won't let me play 2 matches online or 2 campaign levels in Crysis 2 because of the heat (I start seing green artifacts after some minutes and the PC frozes in the last part of loading the next campaign level or online map).

Issue happens in DX11 mode, hi-res textures off and high quality level (lowest possible) running at stable average 40 FPS with FRAPS. No problems on Mass Effect 2, Command and Conquer 3, or Assassin's Creed 2; which are the other games I play, even with the PC heating the same as with Crysis 2. If I could control the fan, 80-90% of fan max RPM would be enough, because on BIOS diagnosis when the fan goes to what I believe is 100% the laptop cools down pretty quickly and the noise is clearly different.

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