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0001862SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2013-03-23 20:08
Reportertwonkie Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.44 
Summary0001862: Support for SMSC EMC2103(-2)
DescriptionAFAICT SF4.44 has no support for the mentioned chip (SMSC EMC2103(-2)), which is used in (among others) the HP8530w laptops.

Temperatures are reported from C2D, GPU (nvidia), HD and ACPI. No fan speed(s) or voltages.

Attached datasheet seems to correspond to this device.
Additional InformationIf it is of any help, the Linux kernel has support for the chip. See [1].

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Motherboard ModelMB in HP8530w (SF reports '30E7')
Video Card Model



2011-08-16 19:12

reporter   ~0006377

This site appears to have a datasheet on the 2103:


2011-08-17 17:11

manager   ~0006381

Please, either upload here the output from a SEND REPORT (INFO tab) or send it to me straight from SpeedFan (adding a short note referencing this issue). Let me know when done.


2011-08-18 17:25

manager   ~0006387

Please use the UPLOAD button next time.
I have a beta for you to try. If you contact me by email I will send it to you.


2011-08-20 09:29

manager   ~0006391

Hello twonkie, did you receive the other beta I sent you? It should be able to access the EMC2103-2.


2011-08-20 15:19

reporter   ~0006392

I've sent you an email, with the latest test results.

Any plans for the FAN control?


2011-08-20 17:37

manager   ~0006393

Thank you for the report. Fan control is a matter of understanding what bits need to be set. I am working on this.


2011-08-26 13:24

reporter   ~0006413

Last edited: 2011-08-26 13:44

Any update on the PWM control?

Temperature measurements have been working well the past few days, just hoping to override the noisy fan.

PS: an additional question: on Linux the 2103 is not detected by lm-sensors, since the Intel SMBus controller seems to be hidden by the bios of the 8530w. Unhiding the controller is not recommended (afaik), due to possible conflicts with ACPI control of the fans. The output of SEND REPORT does contain the 8086:2930 device. Is SpeedFan taking any precautions not to interfere? Or is this something that will have to be found out?


2011-09-17 16:03

reporter   ~0006455

Last edited: 2011-10-10 12:36

Just a ping; any progress?


2011-10-10 12:40

reporter   ~0006530

Anything that could be done to help?


2013-03-23 20:08

reporter   ~0007195

Hi, I have an HP 8530w laptop (this uses the EMC2103-2 chip - which is supported as of 4.45), I am using the latest version and although everything is reported I cannot control fan speed ( adjusting speed has no effect). I have been using the program HWINFO32 which can control the fan speed, but it is rather clunky. Is there anything I can do to help get speedfan working on my system?

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