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0001833SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-07-04 17:37
ReporterOliverKal Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformThinkpad SL500OSWindows 7 OS VersionProfessional 64
Product Version4.43 
Summary0001833: SpeedFan fails to detect a fan, but finds all sensors. Having overheating problems.
DescriptionHi, I have a problem with Lenovo Thinkpad SL500.
I used to have a 32 bit Vista installed, but i upgraded to 64 bit Win 7. During the update i also downloaded the latest BIOS. Ever since then my exhaust fan has been totally unreactive to temperature. It just runs at a slow speed no matter the load or temperature. Eventually it will overheat, go to emergency shut down and the fan will throttle to the max with a black screen for ca 30 seconds. I can restart once it cools down.

With windows Vista it used to throttle up every time the system got a bit hotter, it took a few seconds for it to go to max if i covered up the exhaust vent, now it just doesn't react at all.

SpeedFan gave me some hope, but I soon noticed that it doesn't detect my fan, so theres nothing to control. Could this be a SpeedFan problem, or maybe my BIOS isn't detecting the fan at all and thats causing the fan to be unreactive in the first place?
Additional InformationThinkpad SL500 bios has no info or options about fan control. Not sure about the motherboard, i just googled it <.<
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