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0001832SpeedFanInstallationpublic2011-07-04 23:05
ReporterAmigaSurfer Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformAMD Phenom II X6 1090TOSWindows 7 64bitOS VersionSP1
Summary0001832: Speedfan 4.44 beta 6 didn't start at system startup
DescriptionAfter installing Speedfan 4.44 beta 6 I copied the Speedfan icon from the desktop to "D:\Users\Frank\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup", but Speedfan didn't start at system startup and no error message appears.
By clicking the Speedfan icon in the Startup folder with the mouse speedfan will start.
Steps To ReproduceCopy the Speedfan icon from the desktop to "%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" and restart your PC.
Tagsautostart, startup, task priority, task scheduler
Motherboard ModelASRock 870 Extreme3
Video Card ModelRadeon HD5870



2011-07-03 08:15

manager   ~0006303

SpeedFan now requires elevated privileges. Please, use the TASK SCHEDULER instead.


2011-07-04 01:33

reporter   ~0006309

Last edited: 2011-07-04 01:38

Thankyou, autostart via task scheduler works. But speedfan is then running at priority "below normal".

I think, this could be dangerous, if a programm with higher priority takes all cpu time. The cpu will get hot, but will speedfan still work in this situation to raise the fans speed?

The priority can be changed by exporting the entry from the task scheduler to an xml-file. Changing the priority element in this xml-file from 7 to e.g. 4. Then import this xml-file in the task scheduler.

See for an explanation of the priority values. What priority value should be the optimal value for speedfan?


2011-07-04 08:23

manager   ~0006310

Thank you. I didn't know that. The priority should be the same that SpeedFan gets assigned when manually started by double clicking on its icon. I have looked at a few sources and it seems that different values are used to define the same priority. I would use priority 8 or NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS. Microsoft's Process Explorer shows 8 for SpeedFan lauched normally.


2011-07-04 11:04

reporter   ~0006311

Now I have an other problem. This morning speedfan is starting und working. I found it in the task manager und the fans speeds gets controlled by speedfan. But I don't see the speedfan icon in the system tray!

With google I found a german thread, saying that in approx. 10% of the starts via task scheduler the speedfan icon didn't appears at startup.


2011-07-04 23:05

reporter   ~0006312

Now I had an other problem. I logged off und on again and got the speedfan icon at the system tray. But if I opened the speedfan icon at the system tray, the window was to small for the content and there was no way to resize the window or move the content inside the speedfan window. My impression is, that speedfan will start with the task scheduler to early, before some other necessary parts of windows are initialzed.

A friend told me about the following solution (german):

I tried this with speedfan. Speedfan now starts without UAC request, but shows the Warning "Unable to save to C:\Program Files (x86)\SpeedFan\speedfanparams.cfg" and didn't read the speedfan config. Then I switched additional the parameter "RunAsAdmin" on. But the same error. :-(

I will attach my speedfan.sdb file.


2011-07-04 23:05


Speedfan.sdb (758 bytes)

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