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0001813SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-07-11 00:15
ReporterJakeS76 Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformAsrock Z68 Extreme 4OSWindows 7 (64Bit) 
Product Version4.43 
Summary0001813: Additional Speed Fan Sensor / Control not recognised
DescriptionThe Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Mainboard shows fan speeds of all 6 mainboard headers (2PWM + 4 3pin) and allows control of 5 headers (CPU PWM and CPU 3Pin header combined from Nuvotron) in the bios/uefi. Speedfan recognises the Nuvotron 6776 correctly and give fan speed reading from 5 fans and allows control of 4 headers (CPU as mentioned above). It also finds "Unknown ADM1 Vendor=$55 ID=$00 on SMBus at $29". I suppose that may be an additional chip that enables the readout and control of the additional fan header not read/controled by the Nuvotron chip.
I would be very glad to tap the whole functionality of the board and will be happy to support you via beta testing or elseway. Keep up the great work!
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Motherboard ModelAsrock Z68 Extreme4
Video Card ModelEVGA GTX560Ti



2011-07-05 21:54

reporter   ~0006318

Adding some detail: 6 headers total (CPU1 4-pin, CPU2 3-pin, CHA1 4-pin, CHA2 3-pin, CHA3 3-pin, PWR 3-pin).
CPU1 and CPU2 share a controller and have separate sensors. The issue above is that SpeedFan can't sense the speed on the CPU2 header. (I also see the "Unknown ADM1" message.)
The PWR header is always 100%; neither the BIOS nor SF can control it; both can sense it (motherboard "feature").
The CHA2 header can be sensed by both BIOS and SF, but controlled only from BIOS at one of four preset voltage levels. Apparently another motherboard "feature".
The CPU1, CHA1 and CHA3 headers behave as expected (SF can control them if they are "full on" in the BIOS).


2011-07-11 00:15

reporter   ~0006319

Thank you very much for your addition.
My guess is that an additional hardware sensor chip (ADM1) is used by Asrock to realise the RPM readout of the CPU2 header and the speed control of the CHA2 header (the one that can be controled via bios only).

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