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0001796SpeedFanInstallationpublic2013-05-08 22:46
Reporterlouis Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows7 64 bit 
Product Version4.44 beta 
Summary0001796: Running as a service is not an option but a MUST!

I am doing something against the rules, I know. I am opening a new bug report for a bug already present (since 2005 !!).

The reason for doing so, is that IMHO speedfan should be a service!! That is not a feature but a must!

Almico, IMHO you should give it the priority it surely deserves!


Steps To ReproduceAs it is now:
- speedfan does not run at startup !!!
- only after user login and manual start with admin PW
- up to logoff, in state of up to shut down
- and when a second user logs on things become a mess
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Motherboard Modelnot relevant (AMD790)
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2011-04-25 16:26

reporter   ~0006124

For info, I am running 4.44 beta 4 here, not 4.43.
The bugreporting gui is not aware of 4.44

Since 4.44 does require admin rights, what most users (e.g. my kids, and myself login in as user normaly to reduce virus riscs) do not have, make the need to run speedfan as a service even higher as it already wass.




2011-04-25 23:49

reporter   ~0006125

But you can allow speedfan to run with admin privilege, even if users aren't


2011-04-26 00:25

reporter   ~0006129

Task scheduler in Win 7 is nice way to run SpeedFan, it can run it at startup or logon, at elevated privileges, and without interaction at startup of program(UAC).


2011-04-26 19:42

reporter   ~0006132

Last edited: 2011-04-27 17:56

I agree, SpeedFan should be able to run as a service.

ED: On a second thought though, most of the stuff you want from a service can be done with Task Schedulers, including pre-login launch and delayed launch etc.


2011-04-27 20:14

manager   ~0006137

wlw_wl anticipated my writing. That said, I am working to refactor the source code. It is not an easy task to add support for new hardware without breaking anything. The required effort is rather big and I am doing as much as I can.


2013-05-07 21:45

reporter   ~0007227

Last edited: 2013-05-07 21:46


IMHO it is really a pain and completely wrong that the speedfan main program is not running as a service.

I understand that separating gui form the real "executing" programm is not eassy.

But since it is so importend ....

So unacceptable that speedfan is starting just after userlogin and stopping at logout etc ... Can not handle a second login etc ... (my option)

I hope you agree with me and that there will be a moment hopefully not to far away that speedfan is running as a service.

Alfredo can you please share your actual vision on this?




2013-05-08 22:46

reporter   ~0007228

Big +1 to the topic. It's pain to make speedfan work with many separate logins in the same time. And of course, some of them are not administrators. I mean it.

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