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0001777SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-04-09 21:23
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PlatformIntel / i7OSWindows 7OS Version64-bit
Product Version4.43 
Summary0001777: Possible to support m-Cubed hardware?
DescriptionHi, first of all, thanks for this great software. You clearly work very hard to make sure this software works for a large number of people. I am in the process of recommending you on linkedin as per your request :)
Now, my issue is that I have just purchased the BigNG fan/sensor controller which I read had support for speedfan. What I didn't realise was that it only supported reading of speedfan temperatures in their software, but not the other way around. (i.e. I would like speedfan to display the BigNG temps, rpm and other variables).
Is it possible for you to read the mCubed hardware data? They no longer support their software and I'm growing worried that it will be useless as I do not want to use the horrible mcubed software. It looks like their software is pretty much open for anyone to use now and some references for how their software works are in the forums.

so, is it possible at all?

Thanks for all the great work over the years :)
Additional InformationmCubed BigNG protocol definition:

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Motherboard ModelEX58A-UD3R v1.0
Video Card ModelATI 5770



2011-04-05 13:12

manager   ~0006032

Hello. How should I use that protocol? Should I open a serial port using 19200,8,N,1, send a command and wait for an answer?


2011-04-09 21:23

reporter   ~0006085

Baud rate is 9600 (8,N,1). Driver provider is 'FTDI' if that's any help. It has an option to run as an API driver (their default and recommended), or a virtual com port driver (alternative and mainly used for updating firmware but works fine for me). Let me know if you want to know anything more and I'll endeavour to help where possible. Thanks, I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate support for this! I will sort a donation if you'll accept? :)

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