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0001769SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-04-02 12:24
Reporterjerel2k11 Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindowsOS VersionXP Pro SP3 
Product Version4.43 
Summary0001769: Windows XP Pro SP3 would not boot
DescriptionUntil last night Windows XP Pro SP3 would not boot. The computer would stop on speedfan.sys, mup.sys and giveio.sys. I am unsure of which version of Speedfan was installed however it has been on my computer for a long time. In short, I googled (giveio.sys) and found users who were able to get into safe mode and uninstall speedfan. This allowed their computers to boot which resolved my issue. I do not know if this has been reported but if it has what is the resolution? Thanks!
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Motherboard ModelGigabyte supporting E8400
Video Card ModelATI 5850 and ATI 11.2 stock drivers



2011-03-20 17:10

manager   ~0005965

I never heard about such an issue. Are you sure that it wasn't because of some other failure? SpeedFan can work perfectly even if you completely remove giveio.sys. I don't know what MUP.SYS is and this makes me think that the culprit is not SpeedFan, but something else that corrupted several things, including SpeedFan's driver.


2011-03-22 14:47

reporter   ~0005975

I found this article when having the problem

Other users suspected Speedfan. One user posted they renamed the speedfan.exe to speedfan.ex_, were able to boot then uninstalled speedfan. I did what they did and my system worked again.


2011-03-22 15:18

reporter   ~0005976

Just a thought: are there other system monitoring tools installed on your system alongside SpeedFan and set to start at boot? Rivatuner, MSI Afterburner, EVGA Precision, or similar? I see you have a Gigabyte motherboard; any of their utilities installed and set to auto start, like Easy Tune, for example?

I haven't encountered the crash myself, but I did experience problems when Rivatuner and SpeedFan were trying to start at the same time, possibly because they were trying to query the I2C bus concurrently. One of them would not work properly as a result. The solution was to set up a batch file that started them sequentially, waiting for the first to initialize properly before starting the other.


2011-03-22 15:22

reporter   ~0005977

By the way, as far as I know, MUP.SYS is a network naming resolver, used when accessing remote resources like \\server\share. Can't think of a connection to SpeedFan's drivers.


2011-03-22 17:04

manager   ~0005978

Well, if the issue is fixed by renaming speedfan.exe to speedfan.ex_ this means that you somehow forced speedfan to autostart because speedfan has no built-in option to autostart.
Trying to figure out what happened on your specific system and configuration, there might be something that collided with speedfan.
I am happy to see that you stopped the issue from surfacing and I am sorry that you ended up uninstalling SpeedFan. If you would like me to help you to find a way to install SpeedFan without experiencing the collision with the other tool or driver, just let me know.


2011-04-02 12:24

manager   ~0006001

I am closing this issue, marking it as fixed, as it is.
I don't think the cause was SpeedFan, because the user said he fixed it by renaming speedfan.exe, which is never executed automatically at boot unless the user deliberately configured his system to do so. If he did that and forgot to mention this here, then anything could be the cause of the issue. Above all it could be an incompatibility with some other installed tool.

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