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0001768SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-03-15 13:20
Reportermorde Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformGigabyte 965-S3 / IT8718F sensorOSAll xp32/xp64/vista/win7 
Product Version4.42 
Summary0001768: Behavior of IT8718F. (Pwm1 + 3) = Speed1
DescriptionMy Hardware: This motherboard Gigabyte 965-S3 (rev C2, F14 bios) using the IT8718F sensor, and motherboard has fan headers in FAN1 & FAN2 only (FAN3,FAN4,FAN5 are unused in this revision). It has speed sensors detected in SpeedFan of PWM1 PWM2 PWM3.

This is something that was driving me crazy. I could hear my computer making a different sound when I adjust PWM3, but there was no fan header or 3rd fan! It turned out PWM1 and PWM3 both affect My Fan1 speed.

So I figured PWM3 is unused, but actually:
Fan1 speed ~= (Pwm1 + 3 combined)

So, PWM1 and PWM3 both affecting Speed01. Like a Fan speed multiplier.
So Is it how the hardware was made or is a software bug?
Steps To Reproduce1. install motherboard with i8718f on gigabyte 965p-ds3
2. adjust pwm1 and pwm3 speed
3. ?????????????
4. Fan1 RPM adjust from both!
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Motherboard ModelGigabyte 965-S3
Video Card Modelgtx460



2011-03-15 11:29


speedfansens.cfg (6,963 bytes)


2011-03-15 13:20

reporter   ~0005930

I encountered the same behaviour on a Gigabyte P67A-UD3; I tend to think it's by design. My guess is that it's intended to give you a 'finer' adjustment of the processor fan speed.

Details here:

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