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0001748SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-02-07 16:09
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OSWindows 7 SP1 
Summary0001748: SpeedFan should try and install its own driver on startup
DescriptionAs of now, launching an external SpeedFan installation after e.g. formatting your computer results in a missing driver error. Now with 4.43, admin rights are required anyway, so there is no reason for the program not to try and install the driver if it is not found on startup.

This could be achieved by having, for instance, both speedfan_x86.sys and speedfan_x64.sys on SpeedFan's folder, and installing the right kernel driver service. A '/portable' switch could be added that would mark the service for removal when SpeedFan exits if so desired.

Because I needed that functionality myself I wrote a small AutoIt script to register/unregister SpeedFan's driver: you can download its source from the following link:

Steps To ReproduceInstall SpeedFan.
Copy the installed files to a secondary location.
Uninstall SpeedFan.
Run speedfan.exe from the secondary location.

SpeedFan will not launch due to a missing driver.
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Motherboard ModelMSI P45 Neo-F
Video Card Model



2011-02-07 16:09

reporter   ~0005818

I found a bug on the script, here's the corrected version:

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