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0001741SpeedFanFan controlpublic2013-10-16 16:04
Reportermikutoc Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformIntel Sandy BridgeOSWindows XPOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.43 beta 
Summary0001741: Voltage reporting and fan control on Gigabyte P67 motherboards
DescriptionI want to report an issue and some findings regarding SpeedFan's support for this motherboard. I'm using 4.43 beta 10.

The issue: no voltages are reported, at all. The voltage area on the Readings tab is empty, and so is the Voltages tab in the Configure window.

The motherboard uses the IT8728F Super I/O chip, and SpeedFan detects it correctly. Let me know how I can help further - what info would be useful, logs or anything like that.

And now for the findings: everything else seems to be working fine, with the following notes.

fan1 cpu fan 4-pin
fan2 sys fan 2 4-pin
fan3 power fan 3-pin
fan4 sys fan 1 3-pin
fan5 not used

temp1 system on the motherboard somewhere
temp3 cpu external
temp not used
temp2 not used

The 4-pin fan headers use PWM, of course, and can be controlled from SF. The 3-pin ones seem to always keep the fans at 100%.

pwm1 & pwm3 cpu fan
pwm2 sys fan 2

Yes, you read that right: the CPU fan is controlled by both pwm1 and pwm3 (never seen it before on any other motherboard). Both PWM signals alter the fan speed: to get the CPU fan speed to 100%, you need both pwm1 and pwm3 at 100%; the fan (stock Intel fan for Core i5 2500) stops when both PWM signals are at about 40%. Lots of combinations are possible - you can get about the same fan speed by changing one PWM signal and leaving the other unchanged, or the other way around.

So, it looks like the PWM signal widths are somehow added together to form the final signal width that's fed into the fan header. I guess this is supposed to give you a finer control on the fan speed, but, at least for now, I've associated them both with the core temperatures, so they will be changed at the same time, and to the same percentage - the granularity is fine enough for me.

Regarding pwm2, a value below 65% stops all three fans that I have chained to that fan header. I'm using Arctic Cooling PWM fans, which can be daisy-chained to the same 4-pin header, with separate fan speed feedback connectors going to different 3-pin headers - that's how I use the other headers that otherwise would be useless. On my previous motherboard (GA-P35-DS3), these fans kept spinning at much lower PWM settings. Still, I find the speed control granularity fine enough.

That's about it. Great timing with the release of beta 10 - I had just built a system around this motherboard, and I was getting pretty worried that I couldn't control fan speeds on it. Then, you published the beta the next day, what a relief! Thanks for doing such a great job and always coming up with updates for new chips so quickly.
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Motherboard ModelGA-P67A-UD3
Video Card Model



2011-01-30 14:15

reporter   ~0005776

One more thing: the BIOS (version F4) sets the PWM value on sys_fan_2 very low, so the case fans are stopped until you log in and SpeedFan gets a chance to start. Just something to keep in mind - booting the system and leaving it at the login prompt could be risky, as the machine is running without case fans at that stage.

I've opened a support ticket with Gigabyte, asking them to set the PWM value to 100% in the BIOS in a future version (they did this on P35-DS3 before).

Another solution would be to have SpeedFan running as a service. I know it can be done with some restrictions at the moment. Having special support for that in a future version would make this great app even... greater!


2011-02-15 21:40

reporter   ~0005842

I've retested the issue in 4.43 beta 12, and it's still present: no voltages reported from the motherboard monitoring chip, at all.

As a result of the newly added support for NVIDIA monitoring, I now have two voltages reported from the video card (Vcore and +3.3 V), but that's all there is in that section.

One more thing: I've incorrectly specified the motherboard model. It's not -DS3, obviously (I don't think such a board exists...), it's -UD3. Sorry. If someone with admin powers could change this in the issue description, that would be great, to avoid confusion.


2011-03-04 16:22

reporter   ~0005917

Still no voltages on 4.43 beta 14.


2011-10-12 10:01

reporter   ~0006548

Last edited: 2011-10-12 11:17

Still no voltages on 4.45 beta 4.

I've sent a report using this version; I specified 'Additional data for issues 0001741 and 0001762' in the comments.


2011-11-02 22:10

reporter   ~0006650

I've recently upgraded to a GA-Z68XP-UD4. It too features the IT8728F.

Everything works exactly as described (SpeedFan 4.45 beta 4 /W7x64)
But, there's no voltage readings at all!

I've sent a report in. Thanks


2012-02-18 11:34

reporter   ~0006857

Retested on 4.46 beta 4:

Seeing that the changes for this version include voltage reading tweaks for Intel boards, I've installed it. Unfortunately, still no voltage readings on this board.


2013-10-16 16:04

reporter   ~0007290

Tested on 4.49 and Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH (IT8728F).

Same problems:
- No voltages
- PWM1 & PWM3 controls the CPU

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