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0001739SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-02-05 10:44
Reporterwhoosh Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformIntel Q6600OSWindows 7 Ultimate 64bit 
Product Version4.42 
Summary0001739: 4.43 Beta Sys fan no control CPU fan no lower than 1042
DescriptionCPU fan 4 pin supply can be speed controlled but will go no lower than 1055 rpm
System case fan 3 pin supply will not be controlled stays at 2312 rpm
No control or monitoring of graphics card fan Nvidia GeForce GTS 250
Steps To Reproducealways happens
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Motherboard ModelAsrock G31M-GS R2.0
Video Card ModelNvidia GeForce GTS 250



2011-01-28 00:14

manager   ~0005763

Did you try 4.43 beta? Consider that PWM fans might have an internal circuitry that forbids stopping.


2011-01-28 09:34

reporter   ~0005767

Last edited: 2011-01-28 09:36

Note - summary says "0001739: 4.43 Beta Sys fan no control CPU fan no lower than 1042"
I'm on 4.43 beta 10 - I could not select that as the product version in use ;-)


2011-01-28 10:27

manager   ~0005768

Different fans react and behave differently when controlled using PWM. I have at least one fan that completely stops below 80%. I think this is the reason why you are experiencing this.


2011-01-28 10:28

manager   ~0005769

About the "product version", wasn't "SpeedFan 4.43 beta" on the list? I can see it.


2011-01-28 11:46

reporter   ~0005770


I can't see "SpeedFan 4.43 beta" on the "product version" list.


2011-01-28 12:24

manager   ~0005771

Hello DelatFX, can you see it now?


2011-01-28 13:06

reporter   ~0005772

Last edited: 2011-01-28 13:07

PS Cool programme by the way
I can see 4.43 beta now thanks

I'm not too worried about stopping the cpu fan - at bios setting of slow it's too noisy but using speedfan I can slow it to an acceptable noise level without temps rising under normal use.

Now I need to sort out the noisy case fan, which reduces the overall temperature of virtually all components by around 5 degrees, I might have to resort to a 7v or 5V rigged suppply, or a potentiometer/switch, or a new fan!

There does appear to be some inconsistency between temps (CPU for example) as reported in different utilities
In BIOS settings 43
Speedfan CPU 37
Piriform speccy 37
Asrock OC tuner 43
Core temp 37
Speedfan AUX 43 ? (no idea what this one is...)


2011-01-28 14:15

manager   ~0005773

It looks like we all agree on 37C.


2011-01-30 18:37

reporter   ~0005778

Except BIOS settings and Asrock OC tuner say 43 :-(


2011-01-30 18:48

manager   ~0005779

Yes, but that 43 is from the same source (Asrock), while 37 is from three different sources.


2011-02-03 00:00

reporter   ~0005791

From the manual:
<<CPU Quiet Fan
This item allows you to identify the temperature of CPU fan. If you set this
option as [Disabled], the CPU fan will operate in full speed. If you set this
option as [Enabled], you will find the items “Target CPU Temperature” and
“Target Fan Speed” appear to allow you adjusting them. The default value
is [Disabled]. You are allowed to enable this function only when you install
4-pin CPU fan.
Target CPU Temperature
The target temperature will be between 45 C/113 F and 65 C/149 F.
The default value is [50 C/122 F].
Target Fan Speed
Use this option to set the target fan speed. You can freely adjust the
target fan speed according to the target CPU temperature that you
choose. The default value is [Fast]. Configuration options: [Fast], [Middle]
and [Slow].>>

What make/model fans? What BIOS H/W Monitor settings?


2011-02-03 09:03

reporter   ~0005795

Yes danbendan the manual does say exactly that however, you may note I have already said "at bios setting of slow it's too noisy but using speedfan I can slow it to an acceptable noise level without temps rising under normal use"

Yes alfredo I am taking the majority vote :-)though if the manual says target temp is 45-65 with a default of 50, then I'm really cool running!


2011-02-03 17:32

reporter   ~0005796

Well then, I assume you are running with CPU Quiet Fan=Enabled.
What happens if it is set to Disabled?
What are the settings in SpeedFan/Configure/Advanced ... PWM Mode?
You may want to try HWMonitor Free version (

On this PC the following works:
 BIOS QFan=Disabled
 SpeedFan/Configure/Advanced ... PWM Mode:
 for the IKT8712F-j = software controlled
 for the ADT7475 = Disabled

On this PC HWMonitor shows the current/actual PWM Mode settings and indicates conflicts between different speed setting programs such as SmartFan and QFan.


2011-02-03 20:01

reporter   ~0005797

I do appreciate the help - honest

I have BIOS CPU Quiet Fan=Disabled
If I set it to Enabled and Slow - then it's too noisy, runs too fast and won't be controlled
In Configure advanced I have
Winbond W83627DHG-P at $290 on ISA
PWM 1 (through to 4) with options Manual, SmartFan3+ or Thermal Cruise and I have no idea what they do :-)

The free HWMonitor (which I already have) only shows both fan speeds not PWM Mode settings

As I said I've got the CPU fan running nice and quiet - and speeds up as CPU etc heats up and I have a sys case fan with a 3 way 5/7/12v switch running at a constant quiet speed (7v)

The cpu fan is 4 pin and currently the cpu on normal load (not much going on) is at 35 degrees


2011-02-03 20:16

reporter   ~0005798

What is the W83627DHG setting?
What happens if you use Manual (any change in HWMonitor starting to show PWM Mode)?


2011-02-04 09:08

reporter   ~0005803

Last edited: 2011-02-04 14:33

PWM1 throughg to PWM4 are set at Manual as a default
I tried changing each of them to
Thermal Cruise
but no change in anything..............anywhere or on HWM


2011-02-04 16:11

reporter   ~0005805

do you have latest HWMonitor version (I use 1.17.0)

Is there more than one chip shown in advanced?
Could it be that the W83627DHG is for the CPU fan only and another chip is for the chassis fan?

Grasping at straws now ... sorry :(


2011-02-04 18:02

reporter   ~0005806

No worries - the more I can understand it the better as I say the cpu fan is quiet on little load and goes faster as temp gets to limits on cpu, system and aux temps
Yes I have 1.17
Yes more than one chip in advanced - but can't see anything on chassis/system fan (though it is only 3 pin supply on m/b.
GeForce video card - not that, and can't control on auto from Nvidia controlpanel
(we know what they are)
Intel core - only shows DTS and temp offset
In the fans tab it shows CPU0 Fan, Sys Fan, AUX Fan, CPU1 Fan, AUX1 Fan
but of course I only have 4pin cpu and 3pin sys


2011-02-04 19:27

reporter   ~0005807

In the SpeedFan/Configure/Temperature settings which temperatures are associated with the sys fan?

If the SpeedFan/Readings/Automatic Fan Speed box is unchecked and you change the % settings for the sys fan does anything change?


2011-02-04 19:46

reporter   ~0005808

system 39 degrees


2011-02-04 20:02

reporter   ~0005809

In the SpeedFan/Configure/Temperature settings click on the + sign next to the temperature and check which fans are associated with each temperature.


2011-02-04 22:08

reporter   ~0005810

Last edited: 2011-02-04 22:10

makes no difference - cpu and system both have cpu and sys fan ticked - when temp goes past limits cpu fan goes up, sys fan stays @ same speed all the time and does not vary even if I set auto off and reduce % 0% or if % reduces to 0 on auto
I really sppreciate your efforts - but it's not going to work...
when set to auto if I manual set it to 100 and then put auto on - the % drops but "the song remains the same"


2011-02-04 23:33

reporter   ~0005811

from the ASRock Forum @ Tweaktown:

<<I don't know what is involved in this extra component/bios wise but it is a real bug bear of mine that the entry level boards have no chassis fan speed control (G31M-GS R2.0, N68-GS etc).>>

Seems to be a feature of the MB. Sorry I couldn't help.


2011-02-05 10:44

reporter   ~0005812

thanks for your efforts - as I said earlier I have a case fan with a 3way speed switch that switches power 5v 7v 12v and on 7v it provides plenty of cooling air circulation and is very quiet

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