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0000171SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2005-01-19 10:09
ReporterBrute Fourse Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformIwill ZMAXdp small form factorOSMicrosoft Windows XPOS VersionProfessional
Product Version4.20 
Summary0000171: Accessing SMART disk parameters through a hardware RAID controller.
DescriptionI have a Iwill ZMAXdp small form factor PC. This is a dual Opteron device based on nVIDIA nForce3 Professional MCPTI IEEE1394 TSB43AB22PDT Host Controller.

This PC has two SATA interfaces and the option of implimenting an onboard NVRAID

The hard disks are Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120 Gbytes model ST3120827AS and when used with the RAID disabled can be monitored successfully as 2 distinct disks. However with the RAID enabled, SpeedFan sees nothing.

My questions then:
 1 Can SpeedFan handle some or any hardware RAIDs generally ?
 2 If you think you could support this particular RAID controller what information would you need me to provide?
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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelnVidia Quadro FX500



2005-01-19 10:09

manager   ~0000605

SpeedFan can access all SMART info that are properly made accessible by the controller's driver. If you can't see SMART info, it's because of the driver not answering the relevant standard calls. Try to update it or ask the controller's manufacturer how you can access SMART info with its hardware. Since it looks like your manufacturer is NVIDIA, you might either choose to email them 200 times or to throw 200 emails to the trashcan, but, if you are extremely lucky and you succeed in getting an answer, feel free to let me know :-)

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