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0001708SpeedFanEventspublic2010-12-20 10:08
Reportergmar_87 Assigned Toalfredo  
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Summary0001708: OK button greyed out
DescriptionIf you navigate away from an event you just updated the OK button becomes greyed out and the changes you have made are lost.
Steps To Reproduce1. Modify an existing event
2. Press the Update button (OK now appears as active)
3. Select another event (OK button is now greyed out)
4. Return to previous event that was just modified (OK button is still greyed out).

It seems the OK button needs to be pressed after each event is updated. Which means reopening the configuration window each time to modify multiple events.
Additional InformationSpeedfan 4.42 installed on Windows 2008R2 64-bit Server, but problem also reproduced on Windows XP 32-bit.
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Motherboard ModelASUS M2NPV-VM
Video Card Model



2010-12-19 10:43

manager   ~0005518

Did you try to use the UPDATE button?


2010-12-19 10:52

reporter   ~0005519

Hi Alfredo,

Yes, as mentioned in "Steps to reproduce" i press the UPDATE button and the OK button appears. But, if you click on another event the OK button becomes grey.

This means you have to press OK right after UPDATE, which closes the configuration window. If i want to update 10 events i have to re-open the configuration windows 10 times...


2010-12-19 11:04

manager   ~0005520

While I understand that your unusual sequence can require some dummy button press, I don't think that "This means you have to press OK right after UPDATE, which closes the configuration window". I just selected one event, edited it, pressed UPDATE, selected another event, edited it, pressed UPDATE. No issue whatsoever. I could do the same for any number of events without having to re-open the configuration window.
By the way, did you try to use the CLEAR button too?
That said, I agree that I should change that tab to be more intuitive.


2010-12-19 11:08

reporter   ~0005521

Ok, tried to update 2 events in a row and OK button worked.

Do you think the OK button should remain active if 1 event was updated and then another event was selected to view config? Unless you press Update on the second event (that was just supposed to be viewed) the OK button remains grey.


2010-12-19 11:13

manager   ~0005522

If you press CLEAR, the OK button should be enabled again.


2010-12-19 11:14

manager   ~0005523

Perhaps I should disable event selection from the listbox while in "editing" state to make things more clear.

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