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0001697SpeedFanEventspublic2010-11-30 13:38
Reporterdeweerdt Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformASUS P5LD2-VMOSWindows 7OS Version6.1.7600
Product Version4.41 beta 
Summary0001697: Change to Windows 7 from XP and now CPU temperature freezes after running for 2-10 hours
DescriptionI’ve been using for several years on my Asus P5LD2-VM board under Win XP 32 bit, NVIDIA 8600GT and Pentium D 920. Everything worked great. I recently switched to Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit and am having problems (still the same hardware). After running for a while (2 to 10 hours) the CPU temp “sticks” at 52C. With little or no CPU activity the temperature doesn’t go down. Manually ramping the fan down does not impact the temperature at all. Asus Probe II reports the same “stuck” temperature. I’m not overclocking and I’ve configured the program the same way as before when it worked great in XP. The normal idle temperature should be 42C with the CPU fan throttled back to 40% at idle.

SpeedFan 4.42
Winbond W8327EHF
ISA Bus at $290
ChipSet Intel 82801GB ICH7
SMBus $0400 revision 000000001
Dimm Info
Scanning SMBus at $0400...
Decoding DIMM #0
Memory type is DDR2
Module Ranks : 1
Levels : 1.8V
Parity : NO PARITY
Refresh Rate : 7.8us
Total Size : 1024MB
DIMM #1 same as above
DIMM 0000002 same as above
DIMM 0000003 same as above
Steps To ReproduceReboot, leave on and it happens.
Additional InformationNVIDIA Card is an XFX Fata1ty 8600GT fanless card. GPU temperatures report correctly. System temperatures report correctly. CPU temperature is only issue which of course ramps CPU fan up to 100% instead of 40% where I set the minimum idle speed.
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Motherboard ModelASUS P5LD2-VM
Video Card ModelNVIDIA 8600 GT


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