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0001653SpeedFanOtherpublic2010-09-10 17:46
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PlatformWindows.OSWindows 7 Ultimate 
Summary0001653: Unable to view the correct temperatures in windows 7

    Thanks for building such a nice software to enable us to monitor the whole system with just 1 software.

    I have just recently upgraded my hardware to Gigabyte P55-USB3, and the bios is the latest F6 version. CPU is i5-760. The OS I am running is win7 64bit. I encountered the following issues when I run speedfan 4.41 (Not the beta release) as an administrator
    i) Temperatures for all the cores are displaying as around 26 degree Celsius, which should not be the case, as the room temperature is around 29, 30 degree Celsius.
    ii) I am not sure if the temperatures displayed refer to system temperature or chipset temperature.
    iii) Even if I run as Win XP (SP3) compatibles, it is also displaying the wrong info.
    However, when I boot up in WinXP, everything looks OK. The Core Temperatures are displayed as around 46 degree Celsius.

    Please advise what should I do.

    Moreover, For the logging, although the choice indicate CSV file, there isn't any comma seperation in the log file. Kindly include the comma so that we are able to view the file in Excel.

    Last question, how shall I enable this process everytime the system startup? or a user login?


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Motherboard ModelGigabyte P55-USB3
Video Card ModelGTX 460



2010-09-01 17:56

manager   ~0005385

There should be no difference between XP and Win 7. If there is then make sure that you properly installed the latest SpeedFan Final distribution because you might be using an older ("ancient") speedfan.sys that doesn't support all the needed features.


2010-09-10 17:46

reporter   ~0005407

Thanks for your suggestion.

I installed the speedfan 4.41 just after the OS installation on a different drive. Therefore, it should not be an issue of the older speedfan.sys.

Anyway, I have read the other thread, and I have add an offset of 15 degree Celsius to the Core Temperatures. Everything looks normal now, comparing with CoreTemp 0.99.

I think quite a number of user encounter this issue, and I would suggest a fix to this core temperature.

Just 1 suggestion, can this be developed into a gadget for Vista or Win 7? It will be good when more information can be displayed on the screen, instead of only a single temperature.

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