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0001611SpeedFanFan controlpublic2010-06-16 07:02
Reporterbonzo206 Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformAMD 880G / SB850OSWin7OS Version64bit Ultimate
Product Version4.41 beta 
Summary0001611: FAN control doesn't work and AUX temperature shows 128
DescriptionI just have bought my new Components and want them to be controlled by speedfan. The Board is a 880G with SB850 AMD Chipset and Windond W83667HG chip. I have two issues: fan-control & temperature of AUX sensor.

Fan control
Knowing from former installations with PWM fans, I wanted to switch to manual PWM mode, but that doesn't work. It still stays with "SmartFan 4*" mode (I couldn't switch the settings).
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Motherboard ModelASRock 880G Extreme 3
Video Card Modelonboard



2010-06-14 18:01

reporter   ~0005304

If a sensors shows a constant number it is usually an unused sensor. Speedfan recognizes all the capabilities of the monitoring chip and if Asrock didn't attach a real sensor to AUX, then Speedfan reads a constant value.

Where exactly did you attach what kind of fan? Did you check your BIOS setting regarding fan control? Where did you try to change the pwm mode?


2010-06-16 07:01

reporter   ~0005305

o.k. I have desected the AUX temp. sensor.
I have set all the fans in the BIOS to "full"
I have one PWM fan f

2010-06-16 07:02


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speedfan.JPG (78,722 bytes)   

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