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Summary0001609: Extend Speedfan to adding another input channel / bus = serial port ie ComX.
DescriptionThis would open up huge possibilites for custom hardware and PIC or Arduino etc based projects. Currently these tools can act as standalone hardware, or some do provide software control within the operating system, but they are not integrated with the built-in mainboard controls.

Extending Speedfan with a ComX bus input would allow Speedfan to display ALL information and control ALL devices. This is especially important for these additional custom devices as they generally exist to overcome shortcoming of the built-in systems

It would also simplify for commercial products as they would no longer have to interface to the o/s via usb + driver + software, just simple logging via serial (and optionaly read settings/commands).

The use of Speedfan to send commands could become complex and require standards and care, or a simple action/event based system could just allow user definition of the text to send. This would hopefully fit in well with the existing Event capability by addition of another "Then" = "Send to ComX".

Thinking "big" - it would be great to allow for several of these devices - which would require several com ports.

Once word gets out - this feature should be quite popular.
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2010-07-13 06:25

reporter   ~0005324

When I submitted this idea, it was possible, yet still just at idea stage, but now it is a huge step closer to reality with the release of this Intelligent fan controller

In addition to catering for 8 fans (combinations of 2/3/4 wire), voltage and PWM control, four temperature sensors and software to configure and control it, this device already includes a serial communication protocol that provides status information every second and allows configuration of the controller. All hardware and software is published under the Creative Commons Licence so they can be adapted if required.

In case you are wondering


2010-07-20 10:39

reporter   ~0005325

maybe Geoff and Alfredo could work together to produce a hardware solution compatible with Speedfan...

i'd definitely buy one, i think this would be an excellent addition to speedfan...especially for those of us with motherboards with only 1 (or even 0) controllable fan header


2015-12-04 13:14

reporter   ~0007927

adding another input channel / bus = serial port ie ComX -definitely, a great idea..
I am looking for something exactly like this.
There are a lot of external devices (i.e. Arduino -type) which could be easily controlled by SpeedFan.

or can you suggest another way to access data from speedfan by external devices?


2015-12-04 15:32

manager   ~0007928

Do you think that COMs are still available? Wouldn't it be more useful to investigate USB support?


2015-12-04 21:10

reporter   ~0007929

I think COM port is much easier for DIY projects.
Of course, direct support of USB also wouldn't hurt ))

Anyway, I would start with COM. Many MBs still have internal headers for a COM port. For those who don't have one, there are plenty of small and extremely cheap USB to TTL converters.

May be, an easy workaround for now could be using EVENT capability to catch the change of sensor value and send this data to the com port. All we need there is the ID of the sensor an its value.

Feeding some data back to Speedfan through a COM port could be an interesting idea as well. For example, an Arduino with some-whatever-kind-and-number of sensors could send the data to SpeedFan.

Thank you, Alfredo.
I appreciate your attention to this issue.

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