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0001596SpeedFanFan controlpublic2010-05-11 13:06
Reportersomeguy11 Assigned Toalfredo  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOSWin 7 64-bitOS VersionEnterprise
Product Version4.40 
Summary0001596: No fan control on Asus M3A78-T
DescriptionI "upgraded" from Vista 64-bit to Win 7 64-bit. Ver 4.40 will now NOT control fan speeds in Win 7 64-bit on my Asus M3A78-T motherboard. Previously, this version worked fine in Vista. Have tried installing, retinstalling, etc to no avail. Pls help. Thx
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Motherboard ModelAsus M3A78-T
Video Card ModelSapphire 4870 512MB



2010-05-07 20:27

reporter   ~0005267

Did you import the settings from your Vista installation?
Do you start Speedfan with admin privileges?


2010-05-08 04:33

reporter   ~0005268

Yes, I am in with admin privileges. I did a clean install of everything (OS, SpeedFan) and tried to set it up anew.


2010-05-08 14:17

reporter   ~0005269

There shouldn't be any differences between Vista and Win7 regarding Speedfan. Are you sure that everything is set up right, that you Speedfan settings are correct? Did you change the PWM modes under advanced options to software/manual control?

Have you tried slowing down the fans manually or do you use automatic mode? Did you change any fan connections, maybe attached them to another fan header?


2010-05-11 03:51

reporter   ~0005271

Ahh! It was the setting under Advanced for the software control. Sorry for the alarm. Thanks again.

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