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0001563SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2011-02-16 17:35
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Summary0001563: System freezes upon SpeedFan startup
DescriptionOn my dual-processor motherboard every monitoring program I have hangs the machine (Sandra, Everest, MBprobe and SpeedFan). The only monitoring utility that doesn't hang my S2688 is Tyan System Monitor, but when it is started after being installed for the first time it asks for the model of the MB it's being run on, so it doesn't have to "guess" or scan anything. SpeedFan doesn't hang my MB either if I start it with /NOSMBSCAN, but then I don't see any readings except the temperatures of my HDDs. If I start it with /SMBDEBUG and press START, the system hangs immediately and SMBDEBUG.NFO is zero bytes long.
Additional InformationYou might be interested to read these postings about my MB's problem and solving it:
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Motherboard ModelTyan S2688 (Thunder HEsl-T)
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2011-02-16 17:35

manager   ~0005868

If you are still interested in this, feel free to let me know.

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