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0001550SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-01-04 14:58
ReporterEsikhoob Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformPC WindowsOSWindow 7 64bitOS Version 7 64bit
Summary0001550: SpeedFan stops Computer Fans + distortion in Fan Configurations
DescriptionHello Alfredo ,and Thank you for this powerful and also dangerous Software.
I see A serious problem In Working with your software:
I have a ASUS M4A78T-E with a AMD PhenomII X4 955 CPU(4 core and almost latest CPU) ,with Windows7 64bit OS.
You know there is a software in ASUS Mobo CD , that can Enable and Disable "Q-Fan" (BIOS fan Controling) from within the Windows , sometimes ago after playing with this Software and your software ( in Configure->Advanced->selecting IT8720F ->changing PWM1 Mode) , suddenly the Fan speed Falls down and Temperature Rise up drastically . So I Shutdown the PC.
I uninstall your software at that time, thinking there was a conflict between Asus Q-fan and speedfan.
but now I installed it again because the ASUS Q-Fan does not lower the fan speed As I expected.

Now there is an malfunction that wasn`t before. when I go to that place ( in Configure->Advanced->selecting IT8720F ->changing PWM.. Mode) , the CPU Fan is controling by PWM2 Mode eather(was only PWM1) and it Shows that it is set to "Software controlled", but it is not true because I know that is controlling by BIOS `Q-Fan and When I want to it to SmartGuardian , Suddenly the CPU fan will totally Stops!
Strange thing about it is that I can reduce PWM2 speed percentage at your software but after sometime the speed will increase again without that I change the percentage% , seems like BIOS ` Q-fan is still controlling Fan.

I disable Q-fan , but the fan again stops when I change to "SmartGuardian" , I understand that CPU fan is controlling by both FAN1 & FAN2.

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Motherboard ModelASUS M4A78T-E
Video Card Modelon borad (ATI HD3300)


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