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0000148SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2005-01-15 08:56
ReporterAymeric Assigned Toalfredo  
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Fixed in Version4.20 
Summary0000148: French Translation
DescriptionI wonder that no one offer you to do a french transaltion yet ... So if you want i can do it.
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2004-12-11 10:15

manager   ~0000530

As I wrote somewhere else, I'm currently testing a lot of new features and a new translation requires a code freeze. I will do my best to stop all those experiments and to translate SpeedFan to french.
You did the right thing writing here about the translation. This way I can easily get back to you.
Thank you :-)


2005-01-12 00:05

reporter   ~0000581

Since the version 4.20 seems to be 'on the way' (regarding the recent Beta version available) don't hesitate to send me the english text included in Speedfan in order to translate it in French. It will be my pleasure to help you with this small contribution.

I don't want to give you mmore work than you need, but whenever you think that Speedfan is stable enough (and so freeze) contact me: anicholas(at)


2005-01-12 12:12

manager   ~0000582

I sent to you the relevant files for the translation. Did you receive them?


2005-01-14 11:33

manager   ~0000589

The FRENCH translation is ready. The beta published here

already contains it :-)

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