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0001447SpeedFanFan controlpublic2018-12-25 10:25
Reporterdarivo Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformamd athlon x2 6000+ brisbaneOSwinXPOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.38 
Summary0001447: MSI K9A2 Neo F, can not regulate SYSFAN
DescriptionMsi K9a2Neo F, V-1.9 MS7388
F71882F sensor.

Sorry, but i send you an email before i see that.

i try to use your speedfan in my pc; CPU fan is ok, it works fine

but SYSFAN cannot regulate speed of fans (3wires) plugged in.

'''i send to MSI (my mobo is K9A2 neo F, ms7388) a ticket, and the told me this:
"We feel so sorry that the system fan on the 7388 can not be adjusted
for the hardware design limitation.There is no such control part in
electronic circuit.Sorry for any inconvenience caused. "

i think, i must regulate this fans with DC Linear Mode, but i cant.

i send you some pics of my system, and hope you can tell me somethin good

regards and thanks!''''
Steps To Reproducedisable in bios CPU smart FAN

load Speedfan 4.38

change PWM mode (Auto RPM, Manual RPM, Auto PWM, Manual PWM) to MANUAL PWM
Change PWM type to PWM 4 wire

it works fine with CPU FAN

But no with SYSFAN.
I tried change to manual RPM, and PWM type to PWM mode 3 wire; no response
always 100% speed in SYSFAN
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Motherboard Modelk9a2 neo f v1.9 bios
Video Card Modelglaciator asus 4850



2009-07-31 15:35

reporter   ~0004913

This is a bugtracker, not a support forum.
There are no related bugs in Speefan.

And it's clear that on your mainboard is "no such control part in
electronic circuit"! That means that nothing is connected to control pin on monitoring chip, fan powered directly from +12V line, only tacho is connected to chip. So you can you any regulation mode but you'll regulate just nothing!

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