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0001275SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-02-02 06:32
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Summary0001275: SNMP and Service
DescriptionHi Alfredo,

I wonder if it would be a big problem to implement SNMP support?

Although most users probable using Speedfan for private purposes it would be great for people like me who just want to monitor a couple of windows servers.

There is an SNMP extension for Speedfan out there in the wild, but it is kinda buggy and no longer beeing developed. I have seen people on Nagios and Cacti forums playing with this extension but it causes more trouble then anything else.

SNMP support would give people great flexibility for their Nagios and Cacti scripts for instance. <-- as an example

And btw, are there any news on "Speedfan as a service" ?

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2009-04-18 02:56

reporter   ~0004714

The problem (with sfsnmp) is related to making the shared memory global (I am not a windows programmer, I don't really understand this) in both Speedfan and sfsnmp.

MySQL had a similar problem however, and a suggested fix was mentioned

It was also discussed in bug 551 here

On the sfsnmp forum I have made this thread:
but since the code hasn't been touched for a year, it may be that he has indeed abandoned the project.

It is released under the LGPL and so the source is available - so maybe you could pick it up and integrate it straight into Speedfan, alfredo ?

There simply isn't anything available that can do this. A tiny service only version of speedfan that used SNMP (and maybe even WMI) would really be amazing.


2009-07-06 10:30

reporter   ~0004894

For this bug to be fixed SpeedFan has to create its SHM with "Global\" prefixed to the name. I created a preview build of SFSNMP that tries to also open the SHM globally if it fails to open it normally. You can find this build here:


2010-05-25 19:10

reporter   ~0005284


alfredo any investigation into this issue?


2010-06-11 08:26

reporter   ~0005302

I'm interested in this too.

I'm using Munin under Linux to monitor also Windows machines via SNMP and there's next to no software providing this information (compared to whats available under Linux). SFSNMP looks very promising and I'd be grateful if SpeedFan is updated to support a mechanism with which SFSNMP can communicate.


2010-06-11 08:29

reporter   ~0005303

I thought about this again, yesterday. I think it might be possible to write a small proxy application that reshares the SpeedFan SHM as global. I'll try to implement this this weekend.


2010-11-18 15:34

reporter   ~0005481

I've created a fix for this:

Extract this to the SpeedFan program directory and start it with injector.exe.

It will inject a .dll into SpeedFan that hooks CreateFileMappingA and registers the shared memory globally.

I will release a new version of SFSNMP tonight.

 - Axel


2010-11-18 15:35

reporter   ~0005482

Also, here are the sources:


2010-11-18 15:36

reporter   ~0005483

Here is a preview installer:


2011-02-01 08:27

reporter   ~0005786

This is causing other issues accessing the shared memory area also.

I have a service which does the usual OpenFileMapping() MapViewOfFile() calls and has been working great. I've just installed the service onto a Windows 7 x64 (Professional) machine and now it fails to open the file mapping, whether I use "SFSharedMemory_ALM" or "Global\SFSharedMemory_ALM" (obviously "Global\\SFSharedMemory_ALM" in code).

Have tried with both version 4.42 and 4.43 beta10 with no luck, so I am assuming as Ago pointed out above the shared memory map is not being created with the "Global\" prefix.

They do run under different accounts also, with my service being loaded at startup under the "SYSTEM" account, and Speedfan running under the currently logged in user account.

Can we get a test version with "Global\SFSharedMemory_ALM" perhaps?


2011-02-02 06:32

reporter   ~0005789

An update, and alternative method to Ago's injection solution above:

I've hex edited the speedfan.exe file from 4.43 beta10 and changed the two locations in the file which read 'SFSharedMemory_ALM' to be 'Global\SFShMem_ALM' thus being the same string size in file.

Can now successfully open up 'Global\SFShMem_ALM' from my service, and all is working well!

Cheers, bio

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