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0001040SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2019-02-12 08:55
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Product Version4.33 
Summary0001040: Control via Command line parameter

i wanted to get control on my fans speed. Speedfan is that tool which is recommended everywhere. Because i did not read any tutorial before, i played around with speedfan. I found a very nice feature, where i am able to setup an action, if a certain temp is reached. I thought: Wow, i am able to specify my own chart how speedfan controls the fan. Unfortunatley Speedfan is not able to call itself with a new command line paramter. So let me give an example:

i have specified:
Fans Name: CPU_FAN
Fan shall rotate at 600 rpm (default speed)
Fan shall rotate at 800 rpm if CPUs temp is >40
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