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0002980SpeedFanFan controlpublic2020-02-23 02:15
ReporterFliperAssigned Toalfredo 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version4.52 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002980: New version of SpeedFan
DescriptionGood day

I would like to ask if you are working on a new version of SpeedFan

Or when the new version might come out

Thank you
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2019-10-19 02:25

reporter   ~0009371

The 100 Billion $ Question. :)


2019-10-21 10:03

administrator   ~0009375

I am really trying to :-)


2019-10-21 14:53

reporter   ~0009376

Good day,

Thank you hopefully it will be soon :-)


2019-10-21 15:32

reporter   ~0009377

Still ask, will the new version of Speedfan solve the problem with anticheatem Battley?

Thank you.


2019-10-23 08:53

administrator   ~0009380

That would require a full rewrite of several parts of code, I think.


2019-10-23 14:37

reporter   ~0009382

Good day

I understand that this would require a great rewrite of the code

Many people who use speedfan are players who play anticheat Battleay.

I would very much like this problem to be fixed :-)

I would ask if there is any release date

Could a new version of Speedfan be this year?

Thank you


2019-10-28 00:21

reporter   ~0009387

And then the new Version gets banned too.
I mean if Battleye is to dumb to seperate good from bad software, then they should quit and let valves vac do the job.

I can't wait to see a new Version of Speedfan *nervous*. :)


2019-10-28 01:03

reporter   ~0009388


If the code is modified, Battley will not forbid it anymore :-)

The code only needs to be modified and updated.

I am also looking forward to the new version of SpeedFan :-)


2019-10-28 14:29

administrator   ~0009389

I think the only solution would be to refactor non-trivial, and very low-level, parts of the source code.


2019-10-28 14:39

reporter   ~0009390


If you solve this problem it would be great :-)

Battley began blocking it, because the code so far is outdated and vulnerable.


2019-10-29 12:44

administrator   ~0009391

I don't think the reason is that the code is outdated.
I think their point is that they prefer to blame the gun rather than the killer :-)


2019-10-29 14:22

reporter   ~0009392


Good day,

It's possible, but for example, the competitive Argus monitor program still works ....

But it has half the functions of Speedfan.

Speedfan has always been the best :-)


2019-12-30 22:14

reporter   ~0009401

Good day,

May I ask what the new version of speedfan looks like?

Is there any progress?

Thank you.


2020-01-18 19:08

reporter   ~0009408

I am not a programmer. However someone on the cheat forums appears to know the cause. Thus a workaround shouldn't be impossible.

alfredo.png (21,421 bytes)
alfredo.png (21,421 bytes)


2020-01-18 19:10

reporter   ~0009409

Adding in a GUI command to restart the driver would even be wonderful.


2020-02-11 02:18

reporter   ~0009416

Hey Alfredo,
any sign of a new version?

I have H270 Stuff here, but if it takes too long then i think its better to get an extra H170.
Do you have any ETA?



2020-02-23 02:15

reporter   ~0009419


Good day,

May I ask what the new version of speedfan looks like?

Is there any progress?

Thank you.

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