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0002635SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2017-03-04 09:552018-12-20 04:58
Assigned Toalfredo 
Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version7 x64
Product Version4.52 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002635: Winbond/Nuvoton W83795 wrong detection on SUperMicro X8DTL
I'm trying to control 6 fans (2 cpu PWM fans and 4 e-pin fans) on Winbond/Nuvotron W83795G on SMBus. It's a server MB with minimal fan control via BIOS... Fans are at very high speed with very low temperatures.
SF see the fans, but cannot control them. Speedfan seems to control only some other fans at 0 rpm on ISA bus.
When speefan starts, there are some errors:

Win9x:NO 64Bit:YES GiveIO:NO SpeedFan:YES
I/O properly initialized
Linked ISA BUS at $0290
Linked Intel 82801JIB ICH10 SMBUS at $0400
Found nVidia GeForce GTS 450
Linked nVidiaI2C0 SMBUS at $3D403E3F
Linked nVidiaI2C1 SMBUS at $3D403637
Linked nVidiaI2C2 SMBUS at $3D405051
Scanning ISA BUS at $0290...
SuperIO Chip=Winbond W83627DHG-P
Linked ISA BUS at $0A10
Scanning Intel SMBus at $0400...
STTS424E (ID=$0001) found on SMBus at $18
SMBus msg : 07:09:09.418 Unsuccessful SELB $FE to $18 on Intel
SMBus msg : 07:09:09.418 Unsuccessful SELB $FE to $18 on Intel
STTS424E (ID=$0001) found on SMBus at $1A
Vendor : $A3A3
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D403E3F...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D403637...
Scanning I2CNVidia SMBus at $3D405051...
Scanning ISA BUS at $0A10...
WARNING: bad Winbond($5CA3,$C1) identify (W83627DHG-P,W83667HG)
W83627DHG-P (ID=$C1) found (using SuperIO) on ISA at $A10
Found MAXTOR STM3160211AS on AdvSMART
Found IPMI
Found Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz
End of detection
Loaded 0 events

Moreover, IPMI fan speed readings are wrongs in any software (I don't know if it can be useful, maybe a conflict?)
In attachment, SF, HWMonitor, IPMIUtils and AIDA64 reports

I think report id 0001911 can be related to this.

Thank You for your help.
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Motherboard ModelSupermicro X8DTL-6F
Video Card Model
Attached Filestxt file icon SF X8DTL-6F.txt [^] (385,187 bytes) 2017-03-04 09:55

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jjurkus (reporter)
2017-06-03 03:33

Don't forget to update your IPMI firmware (it's 3.13 for your board).

You might want to look into ipmi utilities. Even the non-supermicro utils have a hard time controlling these options.

Look here: [^] [^] [^]

Of course this will not help much if your fans are screamers!
With the X8DT3-F I had to apply these ipmi settings after each boot. With smcipmitool you could make a batch file.
haroldco5 (reporter)
2018-12-20 04:58

Update: the issue must stem from the fact that in order for speedfan to be able to control speeds I have to set the sensor's PWM mode form SmartGuardian (BIOS) to software controlled, which means if speeds are not set, BIOS doesn't take over. [^]

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