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0000066: Automatic shutdown
I would like for SpeedFan to shutdown Windows if one or more of the temperature, voltage, or fan speed sensors goes above or below a user specified range. This would be helpful if the system cooling failed while the user was away from his computer.
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gif temp_spike.gif (12,012) 2004-12-17 09:06
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2004-08-24 01:39   
I'm working on it :-)
2004-12-16 21:50   
In fact, a feature like a text box to enter a filename to run if the temp rises over quota can be nicer. If the filename is a wav file, it plays, if it's an exe file, it runs. This way you can also shutdown windows manually running shutdown.exe.
2004-12-17 09:06   
I have seen my video card ambient temps have a spike that is almost 2x the normal temp for a single sample. (Suddenly, the fans kick up to 100% and all I'm doing is reading email.) I'll attach a screen capture from just a few minutes ago.

If you implement this, please have some algorithm that says the alarm temp has to be an average of the last 3 temp readings or something. Otherwise, it would shut down computers from random glitches.
2006-08-05 13:52   
SpeedFan 4.25 added EVENTS. You do it using them.