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0002651SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2017-06-07 17:222019-01-09 08:56
Laptop x64Microsoft windowswindows 10 1703
Acer Captain_SK
Nvidia Geforce 940mx 2gb Gddr5 + Intel Hd520
0002651: Please Add Support for Acer F5-573g-59aj to control fan speed
Hello there how are you? im a big big fan of your software, i sold my desktop and bough an laptop, i was very used to your software but with my new laptop i cant control fan with your software!

Can u please insert my laptop model into the supported models list and make it avaliable for me? i do really need to controll my fan with it!

Im attaching some nice specs about my laptop that will help you find out my specs and analize it.... if you do need any additional information please let me know!

I have also sent you an email with the same information, you can contact me in there anytime you want.

thank you so much!
Thats my cpuz validation: [^]

Thats my Laptop model review:
Acer F5 -573g-59aj [^]

And you will also find an full dxdiag txt file ! Also Hwmonitor txt and also system nfo file!

Thank you so much see you later!
Just need to open Speedfan, it detects all temps, hard disk, but cant detect my laptop motherboard and chipset and i cant control my fan speed!
Thank you for this amazing software! Best regards from brazil!

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rar f5-573g-59aj.rar (1,128,028) 2017-06-07 17:22
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