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0000019SpeedFanOtherpublic2004-06-23 10:452019-01-11 07:52
x86Windows XP
0000019: Multiple instances allowed, which can cause problems
SpeedFan 4.13 allows multiple instances of itself to run. This can make the second copy of SpeedFan freeze, and can cause SpeedFan's configuration files to become corrupted. I assume it can also cause other, unpredictable behavior, maybe even harm to the system.
Run SpeedFan.exe more than once.
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2004-06-24 11:26   
You marked this record as CRASH. Did you ever experience one? SpeedFan uses an internal locking system to avoid accessing the same hardware resources at the same time. Log files are opened and closed immediately and full error checking is done.
The only thing I might agree with you is that a second instance might overwrite the configuration file, but, since it can't be done if not with user intervention, this is not that harmful as the configuration file would still reflect user's will.
2004-06-24 18:26   
Yes, it happened to me once--I ran a second instance of SpeedFan.exe, and the second instance froze (the system itself did not crash). After closing both instances of SpeedFan.exe, and relaunching just one copy, I found that SpeedFan would not display temperatures and other things correctly (it would not display anything related to CPU for example).

I must admit, now that I remember, it probably was not a corrupt configuration file, but rather a problem with SpeedFan being able to communicate with sensors. That part I don't understand at all.

Would it still be possible to avoid all this by having SpeedFan exit immediately if a user tried launching a second instance?
2004-06-25 05:14   
Speedfan also starts a second instance when I login to my windows server 2003 box via remote desktop. Since its not taking control of the console like on windows XP, it starts again from the startup group.. Not crashing, but it has made the speedfan on the console have problems w\ the SMBus. Advise looking for an existing instance of speedfan.exe in the running processes list, and dying if it exists. Im not sure if you can get all the running processes for ALL users on a system in delphi... if you can't I can write you a COM accessible wrapper in .NET if you like. Drop me an e-mail if you would.
2004-09-23 11:31   
In devising a solution, also keep in mind 'fast user switching' which can also cause/allow multiple instances of SpeedFan.
2009-02-13 00:34   
SpeedFan uses mutexes to access shared resources.
2019-01-11 07:52   
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