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0001774SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-04-01 08:262011-04-02 10:41
Dell D810Windows7
4.44 beta 
Dunno... reported it long ago...
nVidia GeForce 6800 (ok, its a Quadro FX Go 1400)
0001774: Error on run with "dell" option checked... [^]

install, run, change option for dell laptop, quit, start again...
I keep trying to get away from IK8FanGUI... but it seems after 6+ years SpeedFan just can "get it up" for my Dell (actually any Dell I personally have tried... i know there's a FEW that work.. but again, none that I have tried)... It can see temps fine (or at least reports CPU/GPU/Unknown)... but still no FanSpeed control or even RPM's...

If you cant tell, im a bit annoyed right now... i dont mean to take it all out here, i put in some other support/bug reports with angry tones... take it with a dose of cake... because the cake is NOT in fact, a LIE...
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2011-04-01 08:35   
just thought id add, i noticed that even with that error, it wasnt closed was still in trey, so i right clicked and hit exit: [^]

and yes, since i know it will be asked, made sure ik8 was closed, restarted the pc, tried again... been a tech for (unofficially) 11 years... AS5 and reinstalling my OS every other month are my hobbys...
2011-04-01 08:43   
Please, contact me by email. I am going back to my development pc right now. I will send you a beta in a few hours.
2011-04-02 10:40   
I published a new beta that fixes this issue.